About ELIA Creative

ELIA Creative is a division of ELIA, s.r.o., an independent creative studio resided in Central Europe, Slovakia.

As a division, we focus on user-experience design, digital marketing, branding, 2D / 3D visualizations and animations, corporate and product advertising. We serve wide range of clients from various market segments. We handle projects ranging from logo design, through website development, Facebook campaigns, up to 3D building animations and technical sophisticated projects.

We love to be creative!

Featured works

  • Omnichannel frontend for bank client servicing

    Elia, Webdesign, Microsites

    We have created a functional design of the new omnichannel frontend which has replaced all existing sales and client servicing...

  • Illustration artworks

    Concept Design / Matte Painting, Creative Projects, Elia

    We provide illustration production services for video games and movie industry. We specialize in outsourcing services for 2D and 3D...

  • Real estate 3D visualizations

    3D Visualizations, Creative Projects, Elia

    We create 3D visualizations of various real estate projects around the world. We successfully cooperate with multiple architect studios and...

  • Office 3D visualizations

    3D Visualizations, Creative Projects, Elia

    Visualizing new offices We create 3D visualizations for new offices projects around the world. We cooperate with architect studios and...

  • Sygic GPS Navigation Promo

    Videos, animations

    We created promotional videos on Sygic GPS navigation for various mobile phones. The video campaign is very successful and has more than 2.2 million views on YouTube.

  • Nokia – 3D mapping

    New Media, Custom Formats

    We created first 3D mapping projected on the most busy spot in Bratislava, Slovakia. Awarded for the best OOH marketing campaign in 2011 in Slovakia.

  • God of War

    Graphic design, New Media, Custom Formats

    This project is the extraordinary marketing campaign of the most awaited game for PS3 - God Of War III. We created the graphic design with 3D effect to be printed on a truck.

  • City Hall Courtyard

    3D Visualizations, Videos, animations

    We created high quality 3D model of the City Hall courtyard in Bratislava. We used the model for 3D animation and also for interactive 3D navigation application.



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