MMO Games

In MMO games, we see the future of mass gaming and we love to create them. We provide full featured gaming solution from the original concept, through the playable prototype to the gold version. We cover the whole process of the game development. We prepare the game design and technical analysis whether we realize our own or client’s idea. Together with our partners, we create all necessary assets for the game and for the community web. Subsequently, our game and level designers implement all levels and mechanics that make the game world living. This all can be done thanks to our technology, which also powers our latest game called Tunnelers®.



During the last three years, we developed a proprietary MMO technological solution that can host different MMO games, specifically from Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) genre. When we started to build this engine, we did not see any competitor’s technology that we could use and build our first MOBA game on top of it. These days, we do not see it much either. We focus on this specific genre because figures show that gamers are eager to play it. Our constantly improving technology consists of game client/server, level editor, and tools, which are built for PC platform on top of Microsoft .NET Framework and DirectX. There is also an option to port the engine to Xbox and Windows Phone via Microsoft XNA Framework. Moreover, it is possible to port it to iOS and Android via Mono technology.


Key points

  • White Label Solution
    We can integrate client’s idea, prototype or a finished single-player game into a fully functional MMO game.
  • Suited for MOBA games
    Technology suits very well to top-down or from perspective viewed games (e.g. action, racing, strategy/RTS, RPG games)
  • Costs Effectivity
    One game server can host up to thousands of players depending on bandwidth and HW limits. Unlimited amount of game servers can be quickly added to support the need of sizing.
  • Full Featured Technology
    The technology contains all fundamentals from a 3D game client with auto-updating system, through a multi-instance scalable game server, WYSIWYG level editor to the admin tools that are used to monitor and control the game servers.

MMO technological solution powers our latest game called Tunnelers®

MMO Games

  • Tunnelers

    MMO Games

    Tunnelers is a fast paced top-down tank shooter, with terrain destruction in post-catastrophic 3D arenas, competitive, team-oriented gameplay, level-up system...