Real-time Visualizations

We have been creating 3D visualizations and animations for many real estate developers for more than six years. Real-time (RT) visualizations are the next step of static images or offline rendered videos. We can either complement or completely substitute the classic process of their creation. The key added value is the interactivity with the environment, what brings much more immersive experience for the audience. High-quality videos and images can be easily rendered right out of the RT visualization. RT visualizations are created using state-of-art Unity technology, which is portable to PC, iOS, Android or Web. Key points of our service are:

  • Tailored Solution
    We tailor the solution exactly to the client’s needs. Whether it is a full-featured panorama app for tablets, interactive display of the building integrated with the web, or an app for a big-screen instal lation in a showroom.
  • Ubiquitous Interaction 
    In the RT visualization, user walks around the scene and interact with objects, what is not possible in the classic video. For example, user can change colors of the walls, floors or the furniture in future flat while looking around.
  • Different Data Input
    We do not burden our clients with preparation of extra data for us. We can easily implement raw architectonic plans or 3D models provided to us.

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