Unity Games

When we discovered Unity first time, we were enthusiastic. We saw its potential to quickly test or create whole products immediately. Now we are able to quickly prototype almost any kind of high-end application like games or apps using special device features (e.g. augmented reality apps). We have a full product release experience with Unity. As an independent developer we released our iPhone game Moverama and then converted it also to iPad. Moreover we created several demos using Unity.


Key points

  • Multiplatform solution
    With Unity we are able to use its ultimate feature, to publish the games to almost every popular platform like PC, Mac, Flash, iOS, Android, Nintendo Wii, PS3 or Xbox 360 without too much effort.
  • State of art Visual 
    Being skilled in Unity technology pays out now. Unity has made great steps towards other technologies like Unreal or Crytek and now can we create same results on mobiles and still having other features that outperform two technologies mentioned before.

See our Portfolio for all projects.